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The listing is highly flexible. You can, for instance, set the beginning and ending years to filter the search by a range of school years. For example, to see only the state titles won in the 1999-2000 school year, point your browser at the following URL:


It is important to note that school years begin in the fall and end in the spring of the next year. The "begin" parameter is therefore set to the fall season, even for sports that take place in the spring or winter, and the "end" parameter is set to the spring season.

In other words, setting "begin" and "end" to the same year (as in, begin=1999&end=1999) will return an empty set.

The Search: box is cumulative and will match all words. For example, typing "Lincoln-Way ball" in the search box will filter the table and show all records for any of the four Lincoln-Way schools in any boys' and girls' sport that has the word "ball" in it.